Seer lore Origins Explained : Apex Legends Season 10

Seer lore Origins Explained : Apex Legends Season 10

Seer lore Origins Explained : Apex Legends Season 10

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Apex legends seer Lore explained : Today I explained seer origin | Stories from the Outlands – “Metamorphosis”

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Apex Legends is a battle royal game in which up to 20 three-man squads land on an island before searching for weapons and supplies to then attempt to defeat all other players in combat. The final team alive wins the round. The game is set in the same sci-fi universe as Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall franchise.[1]

Unlike other prominent battle-royal games, Apex Legends is also similar to "hero shooters", in that it allows the player to choose from a selection of player characters before each round, each with a unique set of skills. The characters are known as "legends" within the game.[2]

The game focuses heavily on teamwork and includes a much praised system of nonverbal communication, known as "Pinging", which allows players to use their game controller in order to communicate to their team things like directions, weapon locations, enemies and suggested strategies.[3]

Using the "Ping" command will create an icon (a so-called Ping) to appear at the location where the player is looking which is accompanied by an appropriate voice line from the player's in-game character. The Ping will be visible to the player as well as their teammates for a short duration. The Ping icon defaults to a "Go" command, which suggests to the squad an area to explore. However, if the player is looking at something specific (such as a weapon or a piece of equipment) then the Ping icon will change contextually to highlight the presence and location of that object.[4]

The Ping command system also has more advanced functionalities, such as tapping the Ping command twice in quick succession to highlight enemies, holding down the Ping command to bring up more detailed options, Pinging when you need ammunition or equipment, context-based Pings which are unique to characters within the game, and being able to respond to or cancel prior Pings.[4]

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